Facts About Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes approximately twice as many deaths as impaired driving. It is important to ensure that you are completely aware of your surroundings and paying full attention to the road while driving a vehicle. Texting and driving makes a person 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision when compared to someone who isn’t texting while driving.

What is considered distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a wide statement that encompasses a lot of behaviours. Distracted driving includes, but is not limited to, using an electronic device while driving, eating, doing your makeup, changing a song, etc. Even just by holding a phone while driving, it is considered distracted driving. This includes at a red light, stop sign, etc. You are allowed, however, to use a GPS while it is attached to something and not moving, and you are allowed to use hands-free Bluetooth devices; however, it’s still encouraged to keep these activities to a minimum. 

The repercussions of distracted driving

The worst repercussion of distracted driving is the possibility of a fatal crash or other traffic collision caused by not being attentive. Recently, police departments such as those in Ottawa and Toronto have really started cracking down on texting and driving. Distracted driving carries heavy fines and demerit points around the country, with fines in Ontario being some of the highest in Canada. It is important to keep the repercussions in the back of your mind to help break the habit of distracted driving. It is not only your own life, but also the lives of everyone else on the road that you take into your hands every time you drive distracted. 

What can I do to stop distracted driving? 

There are many ways to stop distracted driving, both for yourself and others. When you are about to drive, turn your phone off, or on silent and put it in the glove compartment or backseat of the car where you can’t reach it. You should eat, do your makeup, make your calls/texts and use your GPS/map before you start driving. Also, tell people you’re about to be in the car and you’ll respond when you reach your destination. Be patient when trying to contact someone whom you know is driving. Wait until they should be at their destination to try to contact them. You can also get apps that lock your phone from use when driving.