Make Sure Your Child is Covered When Away from Home

Post-Secondary Life Away from Home

These days most people go through some kind of post-secondary education. Many of these people are young adults who are moving away for the first time and are dealing with a lot of things they haven’t dealt with before. Making sure you or your child is covered for whatever might happen is very important. There are a few things to look at when it comes to insurance and moving away for school.

Housing and Belongings

There are many variables that affect your insurance, mainly involving your address. If you move away for school but live on campus, some home insurance policies (in this case, your parents’ home insurance policy) might cover your belongings while you’re away. If you live off of campus, it is important to look into tenant insurance. This will protect you and your belongings in case something was to happen. Your landlord’s insurance would not cover your belongings or any damage you accidentally cause to the rented space. Although most students do not own or bring many belongings, things like a computer and even clothing can be worth the small fee to keep covered.


It is common for students to bring a car when they move away, but many don’t realise they must change their insurance slightly if they do this. If moving away completely, it is important to change your car to a separate policy from your parents. In other cases, you might need to change your address or what type of driver you are (usually from occasional to primary). It is also important to start a new policy if you are moving out of province.