Potholes are a common occurrence in Canada in the later winter months and into spring. They occur when water freezes and expands in cracks and creates larger holes in the road. This can wreak havoc on your car’s tires, wheels, suspension and more.

What to Do While Driving

  • Ensure you stay far enough back from other vehicles so you can see when a pothole is approaching and can safely move into a position to avoid it. 
  • It is smart to stay off the brakes, as they cause the front suspension to compress, which when stressed by hitting a pothole, can damage your suspension and lead to misalignment and premature tire wear. 
  • Slow down before hitting a pothole to reduce risk of damage, but release the brakes right before hitting it. 
  • Don’t swerve suddenly or sometimes at all. It is important to stay in your lane and to watch the vehicles around you before making any changes to your position on the road. 
  • Avoid puddles as they can be hiding potholes (generally the really big ones).

Other Steps to Avoiding Pothole Damage

  • Inflate your tires properly to ensure the wheel is not pinched between the road and the rim if you hit a pothole. This can cause your tire to pop.
  • If you hit a pothole, assess the damage as soon as possible to decrease the effects of any damage, such as wheel misalignment or damaged wheels/ tires. These damages might be covered under your insurance.
  • Make a mental note of routes which have potholes along them and determine which lane to be in and when to expect cars to swerve out of the other lane.
  • Report any potholes to your city and hopefully they will repair them before anyone is affected by them.