Preparing a teenager as a new driver

Being a young driver can be exciting, intimidating and can lead to great things like freedom and independence, but it can also be dangerous if precautions are not taken.

Ensure Safe Driving

Firstly, one must ensure the vehicle the young driver is using is in good shape and roadworthy. If they are driving in the winter, winter tires are definitely an important thing to have. As for the young driver, it is important to teach them the importance of road safety and following laws. Things like speeding, seat belts, the number of passengers in the car and drinking and driving must be discussed and clearly laid out. Allow short trips to school, work or the store until the driver is comfortable, and if possible, get them driver’s training from a professional instructor. 


Insurance for young drivers can be expensive. There are several ways you can attempt to keep costs down. Driver’s training courses offer a significant discount on insurance as well as teach the proper techniques of driving, which decreases likelihood of a collision. Also, a clean driving history will help lower premiums, so starting early and having the young driver on an insurance policy will be beneficial to their premium the older they get, as long as they don’t get in an accident or get any tickets. 

Set Ground Rules

It is important for young drivers to understand the repercussions of not following rules (both laws and parental rules regarding driving) and that driving is a privilege. If the young driver doesn’t follow the rules, make sure you take away their privileges of using the car. Young drivers need to see that driving is to be taken seriously, and  that for their own safety, the safety of others, and their finances, it is best to drive carefully and respect the rules of the road.